A shorter take on the NPM slander

Gosh darn it he broke my shit on purpose!

uNetworking AB
3 min readOct 18, 2022


In the year 2018 when uWS was at experimental version 0.14.x, I posted an empty package to NPM with the README file saying in big black ink: “I no longer publish to NPM. Find me elsewhere.”. This was when the project moved to GitHub where it remains to this date.

I assumed that people’s due diligence and smoke testing would catch the message easily, and inform about the change. Kind of like a message in a bottle; you are assumed to be aware enough, not to drink the letter, but rather read it. But apparently it’s a common thing to just assume that anything uploaded to NPM is clean, safe and ready to deploy straight to prod. without doing the slightest bit of testing or even eyeballing the so called README file.


It’s apparently also a thing to assume the worst intentions in people; clearly I had no intention to convey an important message via the only outlet I had but rather, clearly, I did this to break and inflict as much critical hateful damage to my audience as humanly possible. Yeah that about makes sense. Because that’s the narrative we still see posted today, in 2022 — half a decade later. 5 years of slander.

This narrative totally adds up and makes sense, knowing the present day outcome. I guess the 200+ releases made over a period of 7 years just magically appeared while I was busy trying to destroy the project in a rage. Really strange that the project keeps getting better and better every day. I really need to get better at ruining my projects.

In some countries you can stab, rape and murder people and get away with a weaker punishment than 5 years. But god forbid that you ever have one version out of 200+ over a time period of 7 years, be a version that happens to not load properly. Then you are marked for life. Oh no it didn’t load…


Give me a break; I was 28 years old and this whole NPM open source scene was still new to me. If that one broken version 5 years ago is the most horrendous dirt you can dig up about me then consider me the fking Mahatma Gandhi. We are 7 years in. Most open source projects are abandoned the first year. But gosh darn it, remember the horrendous act of 2018. Can’t let that maniac be trusted ever again.

Here’s a different take; shut the fuck up. I don’t owe you anything. Do your own homework, do your own smoke testing and take responsibility for your own product. You aren’t paying for a warranty and 24/7 support deals. Do your part in fighting supply chain attacks and stop pointing fingers.