Bun (can become) the ideal JavaScript runtime

Finally a JS runtime made to perform — running circles around both Deno and Node.js

uNetworking AB
2 min readJul 10, 2022


Ever since I published uWS for Node.js 7 years ago, my main point and what I have been trying to explain has been:

look, JavaScript runtimes/servers can perform much better if made optimized from the start

Of course in this day and age, any criticism in whatever form, immediately gets classified as “hate speech” and goes censored/banned. The trigger squad cannot comprehend any such thing as honest feedback for the betterment of a project. Criticism is good — it has a purpose — to make things better. If you aren’t open to criticism you aren’t going to overcome problems and improve. And that’s why Bun sweeps the floor compared with Deno/Node.js.

Instead of bitching about feelings (I would assume?), Jarred Sumner the creator of Bun, took up the challenge to design a foundation that would perform — and it does. That’s how real progress is made — you take negative feedback and you flip it around to your advantage.

In fact, Bun performs so good that it pretty much equals uWS.js — something I’m incredibly pleased with since it’s the first project to really push a JavaScript runtime to the performance levels I knew was possible almost a decade ago. It’s the first project of its kind that really listens to criticism.

This is awesome — to be able to write business logic in simple script, yet have the platform it runs on perform close to native. It’s the best of both worlds. Sure the project is experimental, and will require time and effort to mature, but it already shows some incredible potential.